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Crystals / Crystal Chakra Sets & Crystal Healing Sets

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Archangel Healing Crystals Set in Black Jasper

Archangel Healing Crystals Set in Black Jasper

Archangel Reiki Symbols Set
Engraved Crystal Set with black velvet bag

Archangel Healing Crystal Set in Black Jasper

These Archangel Healing Jasper Crystals are a great gift for yourself or indeed anyone interested in Archangels. They can be used for self healing or in healing of others, present or distant healing. They are great to help with tuning up your intuition, as a meditation tool, they can be used to heal and balance charkas, placed on the body for healing purposes, for manifestation for things that need transformation or bring about in our lives. They can be placed around the house to improve and enhance energy.

The symbols in this set are:
Michael ~ Element of fire, direction South he is chief of the Archangels. Keeper of the gates of Heaven Michael is the Archangel of Protection, Justice and Strength.
Raphael ~ Element Air, direction East he is the keeper of the Tree of Life. Raphael is the Archangel of Healing, Joy, Love, and Laughter.
Gabriel ~ Element of Water, direction West, patron of messengers. Gabriel is the Archangel of Mercy, Resurrection, and Peace.
Uriel ~ Element Earth, direction North, the keeper of Prophecy. Uriel is the Archangel of Nature, Instruction and Visions.

Approx size - 40mm x 30mm
Qty: 12.99

Archangel Healing Crystals Set in Black Jasper  - Image 2

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