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Contorted Hazel Wand with Clear Quartz Lemurian Seed Crystal

Contorted Hazel Wand with Clear Quartz Lemurian Seed Crystal

Contorted Hazel Wand 29cm in length approx
Handmade by Mystic Familiar this is a one of a kind wand
Wand 29cm in length approx

Contorted Hazel Wand with Clear Quartz Lemurian Seed Crystal

Handcrafted Magic Wand by Mystic Familiar, from Natural Hazel Wood

An Medium sized Claret Velvet wand pouch and Golden Ribbon ties is available to purchase with this Hazel wand select from the drop down menu below. Save by buying the wand and pouch together to make a beautiful complete wand with companion pouch set.

Wand length 29cm - 11.2 inches approximately

This is a lovely handmade Clear Quartz Lemurian & Hazel Wand. The wood comes from the borders of England and Wales so is Celtic in origin. The Hazel has been taken from pruning done from the garden so the tree still grows in strength and health. This Hazel wand is one of a kind. This Hazel wand is beautiful and very smooth to the touch. This wand has a very gentle energy. The wood is straight with a slight bend at the heal creating a natural handle there is pattering around the handle where the wood and the bark handle meet. All in all this is a gentle and graceful wand to handle perfect to cast with and will be a joy to work with. The wand is completed by a Clear Quartz Lemurian Crystal Point black bound handle and adorned with copper spirals.

The wand also comes with some background on the lore of the Hazel tree, the magical uses of the Hazel Tree and the properties of the Lemurian Crystal Point to the wand. This wand comes complete with a Dedication Spell/Prayer so that you can make the wand your own and a healing spell to get you started with.

(Contorted Hazel Wand Only:20.99) (Contorted Hazel Wand with Claret Velvet wand pouch:24.99) (Claret Velvet wand pouch:5.00)

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