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Music / Meditation & Relaxation Music CDs

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Tibetan Singing Bowls CD

Tibetan Singing Bowls CD

Chris Burrows Shingen

Tibetan Singing Bowls CD with Chris Burrows Shingen

Suitable for all forms of meditation or just simply relaxation, this album has been produced as a result of many requests that Chris has received from “around the world” for an uncomplicated and uninterrupted recording featuring the warm and calming tones of Tibetan Singing Bowls.

A combination of five bowls, three Tincha bells and three Drilbu bells have been used and all are genuine antique instruments contracted from various base metals including, Gold, Silver, Copper and Zinc and were collected by Chris during his travels through Tibet.

You can listen to this album whilst you meditate, or whilst you soak in the bath, listen for just a few minutes, or the entire 50 minutes, the choice is Yours! There are NO Rules!

Chris uses this album booth personally and as a backdrop to his “Changing Your Life” workshops around the world.

Running time 50 minutes

Qty: £6.99

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