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Jewellery / Silver Jewellery

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Chakra Cho ku Rei Reiki Silver Pendant

Chakra Cho ku Rei Reiki Silver Pendant

Chakra Cho ku Rei Reiki
Chakra Gemstones Cho ku Rei Reiki Pendant
925 sterling silver pendant
Healing and Protection

Chakra Cho ku Rei Reiki Silver Pendant

This is a very beautiful Chakra Cho ku Rei Reiki 925 sterling silver pendant with 7 beautiful faceted Chakra gemstones.

This pendant is perfect for anyone working with Cho ku Rei Reiki.

Chakra Cho ku Rei Reiki for use in Healing and Protection as well as a most beautiful piece of jewellery.

The Chakra Cho ku Rei Reiki pendant healing energy can be directed to any ailment on the body. It can also provide protection to the wearer via the three dimensional spiral and the conch shell form will send out an appeal for support from the universe.
The Chakra Cho ku Rei Reiki is a profound symbol it is attuned to frequencies designed to provide the described benefits when kept within your Aura. It can therefore be worn around your neck, kept in a purse, pocket, or handbag or may be placed beneath your pillow while you sleep.

This Chakra Cho ku Rei Reiki symbol has been finished in silver using the energy of chakra crystals to enhance its frequency, healing and spiritual properties.

This Chakra Cho ku Rei Reiki living symbol should be used until the desired objective has been achieved. Energy may be felt from this symbol in many ways as a result of the healing, cleansing or clearing process and this is normal and desirable. If you find the effects of a symbol uncomfortable when you first use it, this would indicate that it is having a strong transformational effect on you and we recommend that you take it off and wear it for an increasing period each successive day until you are completely comfortable with the energy. It is advisable to only work with the energy of one Reiki Living Symbol at a time.

Length approx 45mm
Qty: 30.00

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