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Tarot of The Old Path

Tarot of The Old Path

The Magic Tarot of Female Energies and Wisdom
78 Tarot cards designed with psychic insights and a modern approach to the magical Old Path
Created by Sylvia Gainsford and Howard Rodway

These are a beautiful set of Tarot cards which have been derived from the Wicca Path. The artwork I medieval in flavour and the craft is intricately woven though these striking cards with a couple of slight variations in a couple of the names in the Major Arcana from the traditional tarot but in the main they follow though with the traditional 78 cards and work with Major and Minor Arcana incorporating Pentacles, Rods, Cauldrons, Swords. You will find explanations of these changes in the small booklet enclosed.

The Old Path Tarot deck provides insights into the Wicca Path and would also interest those following a Withes or other Nature Based Path, although their beauty and rich symbolism would make a beautiful addition to any divination path.

ISBN 0-88079-490-9

Please do come join us in chat we run free classes and circle here at Mystic Familiar to help you to learn to read and work with these cards and others. All our Divination and Development classes and circles are free.

Qty: 20.00

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