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~ Amethyst Point pendant

~ Amethyst Point pendant

Amethyst pendant

Amethyst is a wonderful crystal gemstone that should be in everyone’s collection even if you never buy another crystal gemstone Amethyst is the one you must have. Amethyst is an all round crystal that can help with so many things from healing to psychic and mediumship development, a truly spiritual crystal.

There are many areas that this crystal helps with here below are a few of them -
Physical Elements - Clears, purifies and helps with addictions, stress and tension. Acne, neuralgia and fits. Regeneration, immune and endocrine systems, pain relief, arthritis, grief, fear, phobias, confusion & all headaches

Mental Elements - Sooths and calms the mind, raises the spirit. Enhances right-brain activity, calming, protection
Spiritual Elements - Healing and meditation. Protection, under- stand dreams, Healer, meditation, increases intuition, aids in dream recall. Unfolding higher spiritual potential
Emotional Elements - Calming, relieves stress, soothing, grief, fear, phobias, confusion & insomnia

Amethyst works with the 4th, 6th and 7th charka. The birth stone of Aquarians 20th of January to the 19th of February.

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