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Crystals / Crystal Balls

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x Amethyst Crystal Ball 50mm Himalayan 503

x Amethyst Crystal Ball 50mm Himalayan 503

50mm Amethyst Crystal Ball
Himalayan Amethyst
This is a one of item, image taken in day light.

Amethyst Crystal Ball

Himalayan Amethyst

Approx Size 50mm

~ Amethyst ~

Amethyst is the purple variety of quartz. It is excellent for use in meditation and has a very calming energy. It is great for dream work and helps to prevent both insomnia and nightmares. Amethyst is also excellent for reducing stress and is said to be very helpful for people overcoming addictions.

Amethyst balances the mind, body and spirit provides a link between the physical and spiritual worlds. Amethyst promotes flexibility of attitude and assists in all kinds of change. Amethyst provides for spiritual insight to combine with the power of reason. Amethyst strengthens and enhances psychic abilities and is a powerful spiritual elevator.

Amethyst reduces anger fear and impatience and is very protective, absorbing negativity and cleansing the aura. Amethyst is a crystal which soothes the mind and helps to relieve fears. Amethyst encourages us to let go and to trust. It brings us a sense of unity with all that is bringing greater awareness and understanding. It shows us our connection to all humanity, to the earth, and beyond. Amethyst expands our consciousness and teaches us that we are part of a much greater whole.

Physically its very good for relieving headaches. It boosts hormone production and strengthens the cleansing organs. Amethyst is great for balancing emotions and moods, evening out the emotional highs and lows. It can be useful to stabilise psychiatric conditions, but its advisable not to us in cases of paranoia or schizophrenia. It strengthens the skeletal system, helping in cases of arthritis and it supports the lungs and respiratory system.

~ Crystal Balls or Spheres ~

This is where the crystal has been rounded and polished into a ball shape. These crystals are excellent for scrying. They emit energy in a very balanced fashion, equally across the whole of the surface. Sometimes the clearer ones will have inclusions or rainbows within them almost giving the impression of interior landscapes.
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