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Incense / Incense & Burners

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Foil Wrapped Incense

Foil Wrapped Incense

24 Foil Wrapped Longburn Fragrances to choose from
Burning time 1hr 30 approx
Incense used for Mediation & Room fragrances

Beautifully scented Foil Wrapped Incense which is hand made in England, using the highest quality fragrances. This incense is foil wrapped to seal in the fragrance until you are ready to use them. An aromatic delight for you and your home choose from our selection of 24 fragrances below. These include

Apple ~ Cannabis ~ Chantel ~ Cinnamon Spice ~ Dewberry ~ Eternal ~ English Rose ~ Frangipani ~ Frankincense ~ Georgie ~ Honeysuckle ~ Lavender ~ Lemon Supreme ~ Mystic Queen ~ Neroli ~ Night Passion ~ Night Queen ~ Orange ~ Oriental Musk ~ Patchouli ~ Sandalwood ~ Shalimar ~ Spring Flowers ~ Strawberry ~ Vanilla ~ White Linen ~ White Musk ~ Ylang Ylang

Approx 20 Longburn Sticks per packet

(Amber:1.55) (Apple:1.55) (Cannabis:1.55) (Chantel:1.55) (Cinnamon Spice:1.55) (Eternal:1.55) (Frangipani:1.55) (Frankincense:1.55) (Honeysuckle:1.55) (Lavender:1.55) (Lemon Supreme:1.55) (Mystic Moon:1.55) (Neroli:1.55) (Night Passion:1.55) (Night Queen:1.55) (Orange:1.55) (Oriental Musk:1.55) (Patchouli:1.55) (Rose:1.55) (Sandalwood:1.55) (Spring Flower:1.55) (Strawberry:1.55) (White Musk:1.55)

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