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Spiritual Books / Shamanism & Witchcraft

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The Second Circle - Tools for the Advanced Pagan

The Second Circle - Tools for the Advanced Pagan

There?s A World of knowledge Out There for the Advanced Pagan
You Just Have To Know Where To Find It.
Venecia Rauls

Are you an experienced Pagan who is still hungry for more knowledge… no longer a novice, but unsure of where to find the tools you need to learn more?

Written by a fellow searcher who has spent nearly two decades studying and practising Paganism, The Second Circle was written especially with the journeyman or woman in mind – moving past basic principals, and guiding you though the next phase of your spiritual adventure. An important resource for finding the books, tools, and teachers you need, this warm, user-friendly book will show you how to build upon what you have already learned as you:

Increase your widom though a four step process; reading, thinking, questioning, and doing

Make sence if the advanced texts you’ll need to become a master pagan

Release yourself from the unhelpful thought patterns that are ingrained in you

Establish your own personal – and ethical – brand of witchcraft

Discover how your strengths and weaknesses can help you choose what kind of Master Witch or pagan you would like to become

Effectively use your newfound knowledge in the natural world

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