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Spiritual Books / New Ways of Living

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x Earth Wisdom

x Earth Wisdom

A heart warming mixture of the spiritual, the practical and the proactive
Glennie Kindred

Our Relationship to the Earth Has Changed

We have become more aware of how our actions can affect the balance of nature.

We are beginning to see ourselves as part of a global community and we are embracing a more heart centred common unity.

Earth Wisdom inspires us to restore own connections to the Earth. It encourages us to follow our own personal spirituality and intuitive wisdom.

Earth Wisdom is a potent reminder to appreciate the natural vitality, unity and intelligence of all life.

Earth Wisdom is a heart warming mixture of the spiritual. The practical and the proactive. It includes imaginative ways to experience the seasonal cycles; our relationship with the Earth. The trees and plants, personal growth and inner renewal.

Earth Wisdom encourages positive action!

Glennie Kindred is a highly respected teacher and much loved expert on Earth traditions. She has a strong and committed following and is renowned for her ability to enthuse people with a joy for sacred celebrations and all aspects of the Earth. Through her workshops, sacred events and writing, she encourages people to express their creative power and connect profoundly with their own potential to change and to love. Glennie is the author of seven books on herbal healers, tree lore and sacred celebrations.

ISBN 1-4019-0471-8

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