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All users are bound by the Rules & Conditions of Site it is in your interest to read them, failure to do so can result in a Ban


This site is Strictly for the use of people of the age of

18 or Over

All users must select One username if you wish to change your name consult the hosts and wait for agreement to be given.

Mystic Familiar offers areas for discussion purposes to aid individual development as well as General Chat, Healings and Readings areas. There are many talented and gifted individuals who visit and they may offer to help, whilst readings on this site are free please do not demand readings or request multiple readings which are not in your best interest. If you are looking for a reading, be patient you will receive one

All are welcome to join our circle. There are many paths to enlightenment and beliefs are diverse so AGREE to DIFFER.

If you break the rules you will be warned and asked to change your behaviour, if you continue you will be banned.


Mystic Familiar reserves the right at all times to suspend or in certain circumstances terminate the right to use Mystic Familiar now or in the future.

If you have concerns about the activities of any site users Please report them Contact us Here

1. Do Not Constantly Request a Reading as this is disruptive and refusal often offends.
2. Private readings are not allowed. Please be aware that private Readings are not permitted on this site. This is to prevent those who pretend to be readers to cause harm to other visitors for their own entertainment. Misunderstandings are also much easier to sort out if everything is kept in the open. We apologise to those who feel restricted by this but we wish to protect all involved and maintain a spiritual environment.
3. Do Not post URL's (website addresses) or Emails in an attempt to advertising in Chat or on the Forum that are in direct competition or have a conflict of interest with Mystic Familiar as this is deemed as recruitment and or advertising. We apologies for this but it is necessary due to spamming problems experienced on site in the past, with individuals, companies and business trying to use our site for their own financial gain. Be aware that some unscrupulous people view this site as their own recruitment facility to make money for themselves and their businesses. Please support and respect Mystic Familiar. If you have a site or business you would like to link or advertise through Mystic Familiar please do so through our Market Directory facility.
4. Vulgar language is not acceptable in any form. This includes profane language, sexual innuendo and toilet humour. The use of abbreviations is Not acceptable for vulgar language (please check the Abbreviations in the FAQ - Chat Room Help & Information section for meanings)

5. Disruptive behaviour is not acceptable this includes behaving in a drunken, angry, vengeful or sexually provocative way is not appropriate.
6. NO CAPITALS & No Scrolling. Do not make sentences using CAPITALS as it is equal to shouting. Scrolling is disruptive to the room
7. Do Not use this site to recruit our members. Anyone soliciting our users for online or real life meets will be banned permanently.
8. No Harassment. Harassment of other visitors is forbidden. Anyone experiencing problems from another visitor should inform a host.
9.Stay Safe this site operates a Stay Safe policy; You have a right to privacy and confidentiality. Mystic Familiar does not support or advocate the passing of Your Personal Information to other site users; you are SOLELY responsible for any problems that results from you doing this. Be aware that the internet is full of weirdoes and stalkers and they don’t come with a warning notice attached to them. No one has any reason to ask for your personal details here. Think about it would you pass your confidential details to everyone you meet in the real world? Don’t let anyone pressurise you to reveal these details - Emails, Instant Messengers, Telephone Numbers, Home Address etc. Please report Anyone you feel is abusing your or others right to privacy.
10. Do not sit in a chatroom not speaking If you are not able to chat please log out of the chat rooms. This is a community chat, the purpose being for us all to share, staying in chat when you are away from the keyboard defeats the purpose of being in chat and leaves other chatters feeling ignored by you and you could be viewed as a parker or lurker. So if you need to be away from the pc then please logout.
11. Parking and lurking are not appreciated and can result in a ban.
12. Do Not persistently request private conversations with hosts for general conversation that could be discussed in public. Please remember they have many commitments on site.
13. Encouraging illegal activities is not appropriate behaviour.
14. Arguing with the Hosts, Elders and Owner Will Not be tolerated. The owner reserves all rights at all times.

Please keep in mind that not everyone is what they say they are. If in doubt speak to a host (indicated by a prefixed * in chat) or an affiliate (indicated by a prefixed ~ in chat ), or a Reader or Healer (indicated by a prefixed by r~ rh~ and h~ in chat ) these people are listed on the Psychic and Mediumship Readers and Healers Host List & are known to the site. Our hosts are volunteers they will try to help you with any questions, reading or discussions BUT this may not always be possible, please respect this. Any information communicated on or through the site is done so with the purpose of advising and helping and is for Entertainment Purposes Only. It must be remembered at all times that we are the rulers of our own fate and always have freedom of choice, NOTHING IS SET IN STONE. We have a number of very talented readers and healers who visit the site; they may be able to help you in many ways. However, they are not to be used as a substitute for any current or future medical treatment, legal advice or financial assistance you may require. You should always consult your doctor for advice or treatment, lawyer for legal assistance, or financial advisors for financial advice you may require.

Readings Rules

The aim of the site to provide a place to share enlightenment of all kinds it is hoped that this will help us all to learn from each other. Readings may sometimes become available but NOT always, although you may find your questions answered through the discussions in the room.
Readings are not available to anyone under 18 years of age.
The type of reading available is dependant on the readers that are available at the time. Readings are by connection so there is No guarantee you will get a reading.
If there are readings in progress Please be patient and wait your turn.
If a Reader connects, you will be approached and asked if you would like a reading.
If a Reading Becomes Available where possible have a question ready or an area that you would like to be focused on.
Those seeking a reading should be aware that they can ask for a reading to end at any point with no reason given.
Accept that the reader will offer you all that is available to them, No one can tell you everything, accept when the reading is over. Please remember that there maybe others
waiting for a reading.
All readings are confidential and should be treated as such by all involved including onlookers. Please respect the sitter’s right to privacy.

Non Affiliated or Visiting Reader's and Healer's are requested to read and agree to the guidelines on the Reader and Healer page and must be accompanied by a host during the readings and healings they offer until they have been approved by this site to become an Affiliated reader or healer of Mystic Familiar. A list of Affiliated Readers and Healers can be found on the Host List page. Offering or receiving a reading and or healing from a Non Affiliated or Visiting Reader or Healer without a host present is against the site rule, this rule for the protection of all involved.


It is the belief of the site that each person’s path to enlightenment is individual and we welcome all paths. Therefore all information passed on in the chat rooms in conversation, circles, readings, and healing's or posted on any part of the site is the beliefs and views of the person or persons involved. These may not necessarily be your own personal beliefs or the beliefs of the site but are passed on to provide insights and alternatives. You are encouraged at all times to formulate your own opinions, views and beliefs. We hope only to light the way for your own personal journey. Remember you are the master of your own fate, nothing is set in stone.

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This website is © copyrighted to Mystic Familiar .com and no part may be copied or reproduced in any form, whether it is for commercial or non commercial purposes without previously attaining written consent from the owner of Mystic All submissions to, is and becomes the property of Mystic Familiar and its owners unless otherwise stated. Unauthorised use of any of these materials is strictly forbidden. A small number of images used on this site are sourced from the public domain areas, and as such we make no claims for copyright on them, we do acknowledge the efforts and the creativity of the artists unknown and respect their work.

If you would like to contact us please do so at adminATmysticfamiliarDOTcom

* Additional rules may be added at any time, last updated on 13/1/13


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