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The Way of the Witch


Sabbats ~ Samhain, Halloween, Yule, Imbolg, Oestra, Beltane, Litha, Lammas, Madron ~ Sabbats

The Sabbats are major celebrations for a Witch and revolve round the Wheel of the year and the changing seasons. A cycle begins and ends one leading to another. They come from deep in the old Pagan way and most of the Sabbats coincide with other religions such as christianity which came along later and took on a lot of the old Pagan ways. The dates may vary slightly from year to year. hope you find it interesting xxxx

~ Samhain ~
31 Oct (Halloween)

Beginning of the Pagan year when the winter months are on their way. A time when the veil between the living and the dead is lifted and we look for wisdom and guidance. The celebration of the Goddess as Crone or Wise one. Read more about Samhain

~ Yule ~.
21 Dec (Christmas)

The Winter Solstice when the days begin to lengthen and the return of the sun is celebrated. Holly symbolises the Holly king who reigns and mistletoe fruit symbolises the semen of the God. Read more about Yule

~ Imbolg ~
2 Feb

Imbolg means ‘in the belly’ and is when the first buds appear on the trees. Earth is pregnant and the year begins to quicken. The Goddess casts aside the cloak of the Wise One and is ready for the return of the Goddess as Maiden. Read more about Imbolg

~ Oestra ~
21 March (Easter)

The Spring Equinox when time is in balance and day and night is equal. Eggs are symbolic and the first shoots and leaves are growing and the land awakens. Read more about Oestra

~ Beltane ~ .
1 May (May Day)

Beltane is a fire festival and in the old days lines of beacons were lit from hill to hill. Cattle were drove between the fires and people jumped over them to ensure fertility. Beltane signifies the marriage of the God and Goddess where she becomes mother and he returns to reign by her side. Beltane

~ Litha ~
21June (Summer Solstice)

Midsummer and the height of the sun. this is the longest day and shortest night when days begin to shorten and the sun is at the peak of its power and now starts to decline. The Oak King reigns and the Goddess is pregnant with the harvest to come. Litha

~ Lammas ~
1 Aug-

The first of the harvest is brought in and from this sacrificial cakes are usually made into small cakes as a sacrifice to the dying god and a feast to the rising god to ensure fertility in the coming years. This is where the origin of the gingerbread man came from We must make sure that we give enough for what we receive. Lammas

~ Madron ~.
21 Sept (Autumn Equinox)

Day and night are again equal, this is the height of the harvest time and again a time of balance. The crops are harvested for the long cold winter months ahead. It is a time for release of old regrets and arguments and time for forgiveness and to make amends. Read more about Madron

Sabbats ~ Samhain, Halloween, Yule, Imbolg, Oestra, Beltane, Litha, Lammas, Madron ~ Sabbats


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