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Scrying, Catoptromancy, Crystal Balls & John Dee’s Mirror

Scrying, Catoptromancy, Crystal Balls & John Dee's Mirror

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Scrying an aid to Clairvoyance connecting the past, present, or future

John Dee ~ Scrying, Catoptromancy, Crystal balls & John Dee s Mirror  Buy Crystal Balls

Scrying with mirrors or crystal balls has been use as a very popular form of divination for centuries. A scrying object can be used as an aid to help clear and still the mind to allow the mystics intuition freedom from every day coils and allow for connections to be made where gifts such as Clairvoyance can be accessed. Scrying has been used over the centuries in many cultures as an aid to accessing information regarding the past, present, or future. There are different methods of Scrying so you may wonder what you could use to scry with but really any object that has a smooth clear reflective surface can be used from mirror, Catoptromancy, to stone, crystal gemstone or crystal ball, Crystallomancy, to a simple bowl of water, Hydromancy. For anyone interested to learning how to Scry catch Serenmooncat in our chat as she runs impromptu Scrying classes for those who are interested in furthering their knowledge and skills in this area. Subscribe here

A Little History of Scrying ~ If we look back through the centuries it is well documented that Dr John Dee (1527-1608/9) used a black obsidian mirror, which was known as a 'shew-stone' he also used a crystal ball, both of which are now housed in the British Museum (pictured below right). As with other well known seers of their time Scrying was a popular method of divination. Nostradums, Michel de Nostredame (14 December or 21 December 1503 – 2 July 1566) is belived to have engaged in scrying using either a magic mirror or a bowl of water. In the Highlands of Scotland seer the Brahan Seer, Coinneach Odhar (1650 approcximatly) is belived to have used a stone with a hole in the middle to see his visions.

John Dee s Mirror & Crystal Ball housed in the British Museum ~ Scrying, Catoptromancy, Crystal balls & John Dee s Mirror  Buy Crystal Balls

John Dee was a mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, occultist, navigator, imperialist. He became Queen Elizabeth I tusted advisor on astrological and scientific matters in 1558 on Elizabeths succession to the throne of England. Part of his roll in court was as an advisor to those who voyaged from England’s shores he taught navigation to the captains of the British naval ships. John Dee had a great interest in the mystical, occult phenomena and with spirit world contact. He spent a great deal of his life studying astrology, alchemy, divination, and Hermetic philosophy.

John Dee’s mirror originated in Mexico and was brought to Europe between 1527 and 1530 during the time of the conquest of Mexico by Cortés. Mirrors of this type were used by Mexican priests for divination. Tezcatlipoca the Mexica god of rulers, warriors and sorcerers, was connected to this practice. The Aztec Tezcatlipoca figure can be found in former Mesoamerican cultures as divine beings worshipped by the Olmec and Maya. The name Tezcatlipoca translates to mean Smoking Mirror. Tezcatlipoca is depicted with a mirror either as his right foot or on his chest, the mirror is named Itlachiayauhque which translates as the place from which he watches. Tezcatlipoca or Lord of the smoking mirror as he is also known was associated with destiny and obsidian and was replicated in obsidian. Obsidian mirrors were made in Mesoamerica and used in shamanic rituals.

We know from John Dee’s private diary that he was interested in both optical mirrors and in psychic phenomenon. It is recorded that he worked with medium Edward Kelly from 1583. Edward Kelly used the black obsidian mirror or shew-stones where he saw visions of angels John Dee and Edward Kelly used a collection of letters and symbols language called Enochian script to record these communications.  

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Scrying, Catoptromancy & John Dee's Mirror


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