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Affects of the Moon Phases, knowing which moon phase we are currently in can help us to arrange and run our lives more smoothly

Moon Phases

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Knowing which moon phase we are currently in can help us to arrange and run our lives more smoothly. Below is an introduction to the Moon Phases giving an insight into which is the best phase to do things in our day to day lives to help achieve the best result.

The New Moon

The New Moon can be seen as a symbol of spring a time for new beginnings, a time for planting seeds and waiting for them to grow. It is a good time to start new things like projects and relationships a time for new challenges and new cycles. This is not a time to analyze but to allow the seeds to grow freely. Any new start at this time will grow and develop. Energy levels are usual high at this time.

The Crescent Moon

The Crescent Moon can be seen as a time of transition when we become aware that although we are still influenced by the past it is over and the promise of the future is yet to be revealed. There are things from the past that we may have to lay to rest before moving forwards to fulfill our hopes and dreams that fill our hearts and minds. We are an individual and can make our own decisions. You may find that this is a time to open up and talk of your own ideas.

First Quarter Moon

The First Quarter Moon can be seen as a time when things are starting to come to a peak you may feel a slight irritation but this is just due to the need to sort things out, as yet you may not know what needs sorting. We are asked at this time to step back and assess things objectively. It's a time for looking at ideas and searching for solutions to any problems that may have arisen. This can prove to be a very sensitive time but can also bring you the courage needed with which to move forwards towards our goals with.

Gibbous Moon

The Gibbous Moon can be seen as a time to devote ourselves to that which has great meaning to us. We are able to use our mental abilities which are crystal clear at this time. We may have truly brilliant discoveries at this time. We can look clearly at what we have accomplished. A time to look at where we have brought ourselves with the decisions we have made, to appraise and assess a time for clarification so that further development is possible. Due to our heightened energy levels at this time we are able to give to the society we live in.

Full Moon

The Full Moon can be seen as the time of reaching the top of the mountain. This is a time when we are able to see both sides of ourselves clearly and any tensions within are revealed at this time. As we are able to see both sides of any issue at this time we are able to work on harmonizing any imbalances. This is an excellent time to meditate with relation to any personal or world issues that may be concerning you. This is a time for the rewards of past ventures. A time for acknowledgments and answers to things that have been hidden from view until this time. It is a time for romance and also fertility.

Disseminating Moon

The Disseminating Moon can be seen as a time when we are aware of what we have learned and we have learned our lessons well. It is a time to take social obligations sincerely. We may feel strongly now that we want to pass on that which we have learned. Our intellect is in charge at this time and we wish to pass on that which we have learned to share this knowledge with others.

Last Quarter Moon

The Last Quarter Moon can be seen as a time when all aspects of our lives that need balancing are magnified, a time to tie up loose ends, a time of conscious action and movement. We now have the ability to choose how to act, we are in charge of the outcome of the situation. It is up to us whether we act or not.

Balsamic Moon

The Balsamic Moon can be seen as a time of harvest it is the time to reap what we have sown. If you have learned and paid head to the lessons learned up until now you are able to move on. This is a time of karma, this is a time when the outcome is out of our hands as we have as this is the time to accept the decisions we have made previously. This is a good time to let go of the past and ready your self to move on.

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