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Celtic Shamanism

Insights into the way of the Celtic Shaman

~ By Oak, Ash and Thorn: Modern Celtic Shamanism ~

by D. J. Conway

By Oak, Ash, and Thorn offers all you require to become familiar with the path of and to help you to become a Celtic shaman, an amazing and unique path in shamanism. This book starts with a section on the personality of the shaman and gives insights into where you can go as you walk along the Celtic Shamanic path. This includes initiation, Pathworking through the three shamanic worlds- the lower, middle, and upper worlds, healing journeys, Herbs, A section of Celtic magic, meditation training, vision quests, Shape-shifting, help to connect you with the Gods and Goddesses, prediction with stones, the omen stick and the Ohgam alphabet, work to help repair the fractured soul, and Invisibility, to name but a few. A contemporary mixture of the Celtic Spiritual Culture entwined with the Shamanic Pathway to bring these old paths together in a usable way for today’s society.

Conway is a practicing shaman and give insights into her own theories and ideas on the many mystical and hidden sides of Celtic philosophy and spirituality. This is a must have book and a wonderful addition to help you journey though the other worlds a treasure for anyone with an interest in the shamanic pathway.


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~ Advanced Celtic Shamanism ~

by D. J. Conway

In D.J. Conway's The Advanced Celtic Shamanism - Celtic wisdom and spirituality appear to provide an early legendary secret system. This can be seen to take form with the hazel tree and the sacred well, these offer us insights into the ways of the Celtic shaman of the past. Conway us offers advanced insights into Celtic Spirituality that can be used in a practical sense in today’s society. In this she includes four paths along the Celtic Shamanic Pathway including the Healer, the Bard, the Warrior and the Mystic.

Celtic Shamanism D.J. Conway

Celtic Shamanism

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