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Aura Colour Meanings and Interpretations for Aura Reading

Many people ask about aura colour meanings. What are the meanings of aura colours? How do you interpreter auras? What does each colour mean mean in the aura? Everyone and everything has an aura. Our aura is filled with colours that reflect and depict each and every facets of ourselves. These colors tell everything about us and can be interpreted because each colour has a meaning. Psychic readings can be given through aura readings and here you will find information regarding Auras and the meanings, these are some interpretations of the colours that can be seen in our Auras. It is hoped that these will help to give you some clearer insights into Auric Reading.

Aura Colours - Aura Colors

REDS - Aura Colour Meanings

CARMINE : Indicates a person who is seeking change

VERMILLION : Highlights creativity

RUSTIC RED : quick tempered

SCARLET RED : Can indicate a person a big ego

CRIMSON : innate creative talents

MAROON : Ability to own ones own self power

CLARET : Tenacious

ORANGES - Aura Colour Meanings

APRICOT : Indicating thoughtful communication

ORANGE : strongly motivated

PUMPKIN : self-disciplined

AMBER : Indicating individual strength and courage

CARAMEL : Indicating positive occupation changes

COPPER : Rarely seen but usually seen in those of the mining industry

RAW SIENNA : indicates weak thought processes

YELLOWS - Aura Colour Meanings

PALE YELLOW : introversion

PRIMROSE : Cheerfulness and confident

LEMON YELLOW : strength of direction

BUTTERCUP YELLOW : focused on a path of action

GOLDEN YELLOW : Indicates inspirational thought

MUSTARD : May indicate manipulative tendencies

STRAW YELLOW : day dreamer

BROWNS - Aura Colour Meanings

FAWN : Indicates the end of a period of problems

DOE-SKIN : Indicates methodical and organized people

MUSHROOM : a slowing of destiny

CHOCOLATE BROWN : Indicates links to the earth horticulturalists,

agriculturalists and environmentalist

RUSSET-BROWN : a hard working person

TERRACOTTA : an unconventional individual

DARK BROWN : indicates common sense

GREENS - Aura Colour Meanings

PALE GREEN : spiritual advancement

LEMON GREEN : Indicating liars and cheats


IRIDESCENT GREEN : extremely sociable people

EMERALD GREEN : Laying to rest of a problem

JADE : Indicates a benevolent character

VIRIDIAN : emotionally and mentally stress

OLIVE GREEN : can indicate a miser

DARK GREEN : mental stress

TURQUOISE : Often indicates success in life in someone

who has had to fight their way out of hardship.

PINKS - Aura Colour Meanings

PALE PINK : true love

PINK MADDER : indicates faithfulness and real commitment

SALMON PINK : people who have found their true vocation and love it

IRIDESCENT PINK : sexual desire

DUSTY PINK : indicates a foolish person

BLUES - Aura Colour Meanings

AQUA : The colour of a healer

PALE BLUE : Indicates sensitivity

SKY BLUE : well developed basic instincts

COBALT BLUE : Indicates intuition coming from the advanced area of the aura

PRUSSIAN BLUE : Indicates harmony

ROYAL BLUE : Indicates someone who has found their path in life

DELFT BLUE : strong principles

ULTRAMARINE : Indicates connections with the sea, sailors, surfers.

NAVY BLUE : Indicates slow, but safe and sure individuals

INDIGO : Great psychic talent

PURPLES - Aura Colour Meanings

LAVENDER : Indicating the experience of a near death experience.

LILAC : spiritual stability

MAGENTA : Indicating entrepreneurial skills

MAUVE : : Indicating a modest individual

IMPERIAL PURPLE : Awareness of dreams

GRAPE : idleness

VIOLET : indication of a humble person

OTHERS - Aura Colour Meanings

SILVER GREY : See in people who practice yoga

SILVER : Indicating the individuals connection with higher guidance.

ZINC : Usually seen around the sexual organs during arousal

CREAM : found in individuals who are following their the right path of development.

PEARL : Highly tuned mediums often have this colour in their aura.

GOLD : Indicating an elevated level of awareness.

Colures indicating problems

BLACK : Can often be seen in the auras of abused children,

divorcees, drug addicts and people who have experienced

torture or great trauma in their lives.

GREY : Can indicate a feeling trapped in their life

CHARCOAL GREY : Can indicate Depression


Aura Color Meanings

The list of colours and their means are endless really but it is hoped that this

offers an introduction to the colours of the aura and their meanings.

Aura Colour Meanings and Interpretations for Aura Readings

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Aura Colours - Aura Colors

Aura Reading, Auras, Aura Colours, Aura Readings, Aura Colour Meaning and Interpretations, Auras, Aura Colours, Reds, Oranges, Yellows, Browns, Greens, Pinks, Blues, Purples, colors

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