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Goblins Nature Spirits & Earth Elementals Folklore & Myth David Goode Bronze Sculpture Mystic Familiar

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Nature Spirits & Earth Elementals

Goblins are inhabitants of the fairy realm, in folklore goblins are depicted as being grotesque small man like mystical creatures and are also known as brownies or gnomes. They tend to live in or around the homes of humans, in the past they lived in wilderness areas of the countryside, woodlands and mountain. As society grew so did the curiosity of the goblin and they came to investigate. Although many are mischief makers there are also many who like to help with domestic duties in and around our homes and gardens.

When we come in contact with goblins the impression we pick up from their energy tends to be interpreted by humans as a little uncomfortable as they can feel a little intense and constricting, we therefore can be inclined to see these goblin folks as unfriendly and cantankerous.

However these feelings we are interpreting are not all together right. They are earth elementals, so they are the spirit of the earth. Goblins being of the earth elemental, which is the densest element, share this element with elves, gnomes, hobgoblins and trolls all of these energy vibrations are of a much more solid and intense frequency to which we interpret as a serious emotion of malevolent intent.

As with our own society goblins can be harsh and aggressive, in the main though they are benevolent, cooperative and helpful. Goblins are the playfully roguish scallywags of the fairy realm they are full of fun and mischief, so if you’re loosing your duvet or blankets when you are sleeping you could have a goblin making mischief with you!

Goblins are household spirits and nature spirits and busy themselves helping with odd jobs and tasks that need doing in and around our homes so they are also very helpful too. They are particularly fond of children no doubt because they have not yet lost their playful spirit that adults often forget, they like nothing better than to play and laugh.

Goblins Nature Spirits & Earth Elementals Folklore & Myth David Goode Bronze Sculpture Mystic Familiar

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They are very fond of silver coins, so if u want the help of an earth elemental, bury a silver coloured coin and sit and wait, when you feel its presence, give fourth it your request.

They are good with helping with -

  1. Easing mental stress
  2. Protection against psychic attack
  3. Practical concerns
  4. Grounding and manifestations
  5. Material needs and luck

Your gift to them should be silver coins

To attract them to your garden, include mosses and lichens, wild plants and flowers, herbs, tree bark, rocks stones and fossils in the North part of your garden.

Goblin protect the garden, and this has not been forgotten today as they can often be found as in the garden as gnomes or statues, this is an ancient belief that still stands today, as we all know, many people have a gnome/goblin in their gardens.

We all grew up listening to the tales of goblins and fairies which have now been brought to life in the Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter films. In the first Harry potter film, the Philosophers Stone, Hagrid indicated, whilst visits the Gringotts' bank vaults in Diagon Alley which is run by Guardians, Goblins, that “Goblins are very wise”!

In the spring of 2004 I had the pleasure to meet David Goode, pictured below, with his Goblin sculpture "The Snail Maker" which was the first of his Goblin sculptures. David studied at The Sir Henry Doulton School of Sculpture, specialising in portrait and figurative sculpture and later became a portrait sculptor at the London Studios of Madame Tussauds.

Goblins Nature Spirits & Earth Elementals Folklore & Myth David Goode Bronze Sculpture Mystic Familiar
David Goode with his Goblin sculpture "The Snail Maker"

He is an exceptionally talented artist, who is bringing our Myth and Folklore alive in his Goblin sculptures, his work, pictured here, is not to be missed. To see more of his Goblin creations link here to his web site -

David Goode Bronze Goblin Sculptures

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