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Empaths and Empathy Types of Empaths

Types of Empath

Empaths and Empathy

Have you ever asked am I an empath, do I have empathic abilities and what type of empath am I? There is a wide range of empathic gifts and many empaths exhibit more than one. Which type of empath are your?

The following gives a brief outline of the different types of empath.

Emotional Oneness

Can you sense what another person's emotions? (Emotional intuitive)
Feel what another's person is feeling as if they were your own feelings? (Emotional oneness)

Physical Oneness

Sense what another feels physically? (Physical intuitive)
Or feel another's aches and pains as your own? (Physical oneness)

Intellectual Shape Shifting

Do you always know what the other person meant to say even though the
words don't match? Find yourself riding on another's thought patterns?
(Some call this "intellectual shape shifting")

or does your empathy exhibit itself differently?

I'll start by answering my own question:
my primary gift is: intellectual shape shifting
My secondary gift is: emotional and physical intuition, with some emotional oneness

There is a lot of information about different types of empaths,
including some terms made up to provide a much needed label for a gift.
How to handle empathy can be found in Rose Rosetree's book
" Empowered by Empathy." Much of my training is from classes and
personal sessions that I've had with Rose.

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Empaths and Empathy Types of Empaths


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