****** Welcome to Mystic Familiar your journey starts here!

Newbie’s this forum will help you get satrted and find your feet. This Forum is open for visitors to view. HELP TO LOGIN to the Psychic Chat rooms & these Psychic Forum & Spiritual Message Boards.

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Mystic Familiar Psychic Chat Room Familiar
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****** Welcome to Mystic Familiar your journey starts here!

#1 Postby Sol » Wed Jul 11, 2012 1:47 pm

Welcome to Mystic Familiar, your journey starts here!

As a newcomer to this site this page is aimed at helping you get started and to help you find your way about this site. ****We recommend you bookmark this page now for future reference.****

As a newcomer to this site this page is aimed at helping you get started and to help you find your way about this site –

You have been directed to this page because you have just made your payment to subscribe to Mystic Familiar. If you have landed on this page but not subscribed yet you can subscribe via this page Join Mystic Familiar here - * If you have already made payment and sent your chat details in you should have received a welcome email letting you know your details have been added, (remember to check your junk mail also and add the our email to your contacts list) so now Log into Chat Here

During registration you should have submitted a Username & Password of Your Choice if you have not, please send them to admin@mysticfamiliar.com (If you do not send these details you will not be able to access chat)

Registration is a manual process and can take up to 24hrs, so do allow some time for your account activation to happen.Please add admin@mysticfamiliar.com to your contacts list so you can receive emails. You should receive a welcome email. If you have registered your details but not received an email check your junk mail. Check you have given an email address we can contact you with, if not please email us with one we can contact you with. If we are not able to contact you via email we will post on the Newbie’s Forum FAO – Your Username. (NB* Paypal account emails addresses can often be out of date)

Subscription fees are an administration charge and are none refundable. All readings, healing & classes are free to Subscription paying members.

Register to the forum but can’t get into chat
All chat members are automatically registered for the forum also, but if you registered for the forum yourself you still need to send your details for chat. Forum and Chat logins are separate systems.

All the Main areas of the site are linked along the top of each page of the site.

Tells us a bit about you -
Please post on the Meet the Members Forum to introduce yourself to the Mystic Familiar Community.

Where is the Chat login -
It is situated in the middle of this page – http://www.mysticfamiliar.com/chat.html - all classes are held in chat.

Can’t See the login box?

Chat Help - If you need help to get into chat you can find that here - Help if you Cant Get into Psychic Chat!

Timezones (for none UK Residents)
All times stated on this site are in London UK time, unless otherwise specified. The current UK time is always available on the top right of this forum, (below User Control Panel)


How to work out your timezone If you are not resident in the UK -

If you are situated West (USA, Canada ect) of London subtract your time from the London time, the amount of hours left indicates your time difference.

If you are situated East of London (Europe, Australia, ect) subtract the London time from your time, the amount of hours left indicates your time difference.

Need more TimeZone help

How to get a Psychic Medium Reading?

Psychic Medium Readings

If none of the stated times are good for you some of the readers are available at other times but require to be booked. Some of our readers cannot state specific times on the timetable but are available by arrangement to read. You can read more about each reader by clicking the Readers name. You can contact them by replying to their post. You must be logged in to post.

Reading Request Forum

If none of the Psychic Readings times available are suitable for you, you can post a new post on this forum to indicate what time/s & day/s you can be in chat (None UK residents will need to work out their time difference and state the UK times that suite you, our readers won’t know your specific timezone) a reader will reply to you to let you know when they can meet with you.

Class Timetable

You can find the site timetable here - Classes Each Circle or Class on the timetable is linked to more information about it.

The timetable will help you connect with other members and site helpers they can then help you find the best times for you to get chatting. All times stated are UK times.

How to contact a Class or Circle Guide?

You can contact Circle Guides directly, post by reply to their circle thread on this page -
Development Classes and Circles Forum

Message Board Forum
You can find the message board forum here – Forum

To post on the forum just login with your username and password to post. Please be aware that you have to log into the chat and the forum separately to use them as the logins are not linked.

Can’t find the Help you are looking for?

If your questions have not been answered above please post by reply to this post. To post you need to be logged in. All chat registered users are also registered to the forum so just login in with your chat details.

Please do also ask questions in chat all our members are friendly and approachable and will help you if they can.

Can you offer to Read Heal or guide a circles, classes and or discussions?
If you are interested in developing your own Readings and or Healing skills, all members are welcome to offer Readings, Healing please request a site helper to shadow you. If you are interested run circles, classes and or discussions please speak to a site helper and we can organise this with you. We understand that not all members are novices to their path. Site helpers are designated in chat by White, Blue and Green icons next to their name. All site helpers are members who Volunteer

Mystic Familiar offers an alternative to expensive Spiritual Development Classes, Psychic Medium Readings and Healing we do this by sharing and working together, Mystic Familiar only works so well because our members help to make it work.

Site Rules & Etiquette

By registering you agree that you have read, understood and agree to abide by the Rules & the Conditions of Site For Entertainment Purposes Only. If you require further help Contact Us at admin@mysticfamiliar.com


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