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Elder Psychic Chat Room Familiar
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#1 Postby *starryhound » Thu Apr 12, 2012 6:46 am

If you have any and wish to share them post them here, and we wll see what the future brings xxxx

Mystic Familiar Psychic Forum Dweller
Mystic Familiar Psychic Forum Dweller
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Re: Predicitions/Visions

#2 Postby VirgoRose » Thu Apr 12, 2012 2:33 pm

The vision I had was last year. I cant say when or if the following will happen. This came in a dream but this was so real to me, its stayed with me all this time.

The first part took place outside an airport. I was seeing a man attempting to start up a small aeroplane but he was struggling. I got the feeling that he didnt know how to fly and wondered why this was. I found it all odd and remember a lady in the dream/vision allowing him to fly. I also remember trying to hid among cars in the car park as there was a large explosion.

In the second part I was walking among very tall buildings. I dont know where I was going but remember having the feeling that I was in France, despite not seeing any monuments to suggest so. I was then in a palace. I remember it feeling like a palace as there was a lot of gold embossed items on the walls and it felt very regal. There were benches either side of the room and a big glass window, almost like a viewing area. Also a rectangular body of water in front of the building. I was looking out the window when I noticed two aeroplanes heading towards us. It was very frightening and very real. I remember everyone screaming and we were trying to hide from the impending crash. One of the planes was heading directly to the building and the other (further back) seemed to veer away from it. I also remember seeing men parachuting down from the sky. The plane did crash and it was devastating.

I kept thinking since then that this felt very real and that it might mean something. I had no idea why I thought this was France or if there was even palace in France. But this is what I saw.

Mystic Familiar Psychic Forum Dweller
Mystic Familiar Psychic Forum Dweller
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Re: Predicitions/Visions

#3 Postby Avalon » Thu Apr 12, 2012 3:26 pm

I predict that Starry is hungry :p xxx

Mystic Familiar Psychic Forum Dweller
Mystic Familiar Psychic Forum Dweller
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Re: Predicitions/Visions

#4 Postby Spiritdancer » Thu Apr 12, 2012 7:13 pm

Rofl AVa herher :roll: ......

and wow virgo , Healing and blessings sent to that time, area, just incase eh :)

Interesting one Starry hun............

I feel predictions/foretelling in dreams tend to be very clear and stay with you when u awaken, rather than normal dreams that leave within seconds, even thought your sure you wont forget them. The fore telling dreams i have had tend to be based on babies, those coming and going into the spiritual and physical world. I dont know wether this is conencted with my having 4 babies in spirit or not, the first baby dreams i had were when i was a child mind you. In these wanderings during my dreamtime, i go to a expectant mother in my family, or loved ones they then pass their baby to me, i then take it over to their family in spirit, take it to the light and the spirit family there.
I believe that this must mean we are all collected, helped , when we pass, no matter how long we are in the physical body for ( or circumstances of passing).
Then when i dream of a baby, woohoo, another family member is going to be born soon, my sister used to ask weekly when she was trying for another baby if i had *The Dream, she was very pleased when i said yes :) , not so much when i gave her same head s up week before her daughter said she was pregnant, naw she rejoyiced lol, loved being a young nan at 37.

I have had gut instincts, even possibly saved my own and my brothers life, as i knew something wasn't right and changed plans accordingly. Premonitions! eh, possibly, i didnt see anything, but i felt a deep tug in solar plexus, a wrongness, I trusted them, and i trust my instincts today to . Lets hope i am listening if they nudge me lol

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