Empathy & Being an Empath Wednesday's at 11am UK With Myst

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Empathy & Being an Empath Wednesday's at 11am UK With Myst

#1 Postby Myst » Thu Jun 15, 2017 12:28 pm

Empathy & Being an Empath
With Myst

Commencing 5th of July 2017
Wednesdays 11am UK time
Wednesdays 7pm Eastern Australian time
Wednesdays 5am EST USA
Room 3 The Study, held in chat, please login to chat on this page http://www.mysticfamiliar.com/chat.html

Are you extremely sensitive to other people's moods and do you know instinctively when someone is lying to you?
Do crowd situations make you agitated and totally ill at ease?
Do you find yourself finishing other people's sentences?
If so then there is a possibility that you are empathic.
You will learn in this class that being an empath is nothing to fear and that you are normal.
During this class we will talk about how affects you and what you can do to ease your discomfort.
You will find out more about what empathy is.
You will learn how empathy can assist you in communicating with spirit.
We will also include meditations for grounding and protection.
This is a 5 week class and is open to anyone who is interested in empathy.
You can't stop the waves
but you can learn to surf.


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