To Sol:

Would you like to learn to use your Psychic & Mediumship gifts? If you would like to develop you abilities we offer Free Psychic, Spiritual, Mediumship, Meditation, Tarot Card Divination, Healing, Empathy, Development Classes & Circles all free if you subscribe to chat. You must be a subscribing chat room member to access the classes & circles, interested? Click Chat Room Registration at the top of the page to join

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To Sol:

#1 Postby Marie » Wed Nov 25, 2015 3:54 am

Hi Sol, I am interested in your participating in Development Classes and Circles. When are you planning your next meet up? How do I join this class? I am a new member so I am still learning how to navigate.


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Re: To Sol:

#2 Postby X7 » Wed Dec 16, 2015 9:57 pm

Hi there the classes are listed and most of them unless otherwise stated you just show up in chat room and the circle guide for the circle will take those into another room for the circle/class.
Healing Circle is on Mondays West Coast time Noon, Midwest 2pm, East Coast 3pm and Uk time 8am. The Secret of The Stars is on Tues West Coast time 5pm, Midwest 7pm, East Coast 8pm and UK 1am.
There are other classes so check them out as well.

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