It started with 'Medicine Men'.......

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It started with 'Medicine Men'.......

#1 Postby Filgrave » Sun Mar 14, 2010 2:39 pm

There was a time.............
when some clever individual noticed the positive effects that plants and trees and herbs had on 'sickly' animals,
the juice of one plant would reduce fevers, another would induce sleep and so on. They went on to experiment and use these natural medications with positive effects on their fellow tribespeople and in so doing gained elevated status and control within the tribe, becoming highly regarded and, over time, highly feared. We refer to them as 'Medicine men'.

The medicine men knew that anyone else with intelligence, (and the time to study the habits of animals or to watch the medicine man collecting or blending or delivering his medicines), could threaten their elevated position and thus their control over others within the tribe. Realising they could not rely purely on the giving of medicinal potions to keep their high status they therefore instituted rituals of mumbo jumbo, dances, offerings and even sacrifices to 'Gods' or 'Spirits' without which they insisted the particular God or Spirit whose help was needed for a specific complaint would either not be aware of or would not approve of.

After a while it became accepted that this magical part of the cure was the most important ingredient and the mumbo-jumbo, dances, sacrifices and offerings were considered the chief means of effecting the cure - for many this misconception still holds true today; leaders of Religons and 'Spiritual Movements' and Cults are also adept at manipulating rituals as a means of gaining and further retaining their status and control over others

For those wishing to develop or further their Healing, Psychic or Mediumship abilities today they will find many 'teachers' who can truely help us advance and develop and understand our Mediumship and Psychic abilities - some may be in our lives constantly, others will appear and then go thier own way from us - from each we can learn and go on to develop our own individual abilities and working practises
There are sadly those 'teachers' who, also fearing their loss of status or control, (over those less experienced in Healing, Psychic or Mediumship), invent or rediscover rituals which they promote as necessary and 'fashionable' for todays tastes and expectations

A 'Rule of thumb' to self awareness and development remains constant: no matter what rituals you are taught and are expected, (by that Teacher), to practise in your energy work -
if it doesn't feel right for you, it probably isn't right for you

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Re: It started with 'Medicine Men'.......

#2 Postby Emrys » Sun Mar 14, 2010 3:16 pm

here here Fil xxx great post, its something i also live by. Being a circle guide on MF, i remind folks to follow their heart, and know what is right for each of them, and we each have a different path in life. A teacher can show different paths on the road, but it is up to the indivudual as to which one they take. Its true tho that some guru's out there, want that control over their students and feel a sense of power when others fall in line and follow them. To me this is not teaching or guiding, but rather it becomes an ego trip.
one of my favorite sayings is..."When one teaches, 2 learn" I try to live by that, so often some of the most profound things i learn in my life come from unexpected sources, and if we as mentors/guides close our eyes to those possibilities, then we miss out on expanding our own souls knowledge.

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