Can I Write Articles & Add Topics to Mystic Familiar

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Can I Write Articles & Add Topics to Mystic Familiar

#1 Postby Sol » Fri Apr 15, 2005 3:19 pm

Can I Write Articles & Add Topics to Mystic Familiar?

Yes you can write articles & Add Topics to the Mystic Familiar Library. You are very welcome to share your insights, knowledge & gifts at this site. All of the information on Mystic Familiar has come from all of us who use the site. If you would like to share your insights, knowledge & Gifts with us here please do.

This is your site and your development none of us can study everything we would like to in-depth but all together we can study different things in depth and then share our findings, knowledge and insights here on site. Basically the more you put in as an individual the more we all get out of this as a group. Don’t feel that you don’t have anything to give because we all do, and we all have different ways of doing things. Remember different doesn’t mean wrong it just means different. Everyone has something to share and no one is an expert in everything so don’t be put of your ideas are valid also.

If you would like to write articles on any topic you can treat it as a work in progress and add to it bit by bit. Don’t think oww no that’s going to take me 4 years to do. Just think if I thought that in the summer of 2002 and Mystic Familiar wouldn’t be here now lol

Just add what you can when you can. The aim of this is to bring other people who are interested in your particular topic to read and view what you have placed here and maybe they can shed some light on things you are looking into as you have for them.

Basically Mystic Familiar Provides an atmosphere for symbiosis to occur. Through the input of us all we all grow.

Anyone wishing to write articles for the site can contact the site at ( change AT to @) indicating - Interested in Sharing Articles and Topics.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to hearing from you and reading your articles.

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