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#1 Postby adriannauk » Sun Aug 23, 2015 1:00 am

Hello all! I found this forum as I am searching for help.... this is my story so far.

I know I have been sensitive since I was a child, but I scared my family a lot, was a scared in to closing what sight I had, being told what I was doing was an extremely bad thing. (I cant remember how this was done, have a lot of blank spots from back then!)

Now as I adult I can still sense small things and I connect via psychometry, just residual energy and never active.

But I feel a large part of myself is closed off which in turns makes me feel empty. I don’t know how be open to myself again to further understand the sight I have in a safe environment. I don’t want to cause unnecessary suffering to spirits as well!

This has always been on the backburner for me, as you get on with life etc, but every now and then it gets put in my lap demanding my attention. It happened again recently – a medium doing a reading for a guy I have never met, sent a message via him to my younger brother who he was friends with to me to develop as a medium myself and I would be happy with what I find.

But I still don’t know what safe action to take. At the moment I meditate when I can, and whenever I get nervous or sense anything possibly active, I shield myself by envisioning a white sphere around myself to protect me foremost and the spirit secondly as I don’t know what I am doing, and from my point of view it’s not fair on them.

Now I am stumped about what to do next, and I was after some advice please. I don’t know what else to try. I feel a large part of me is behind a "door" and I do't know how to unlock it, and deal with what is behind it.

This is why I am here. i hope to meet and chat with you all, and finally re-connect to all aspects of me! I hope to chat to you all soon x blessings x

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Host Psychic Chat Room Familiar
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Re: Hello!

#2 Postby Kingfisher » Tue Sep 08, 2015 2:50 am

Welcome, re opening to spirit has to be done for the right reasons. You say you feel empty like there is a missing part of you...........

first ask why you want your gifts back, what you want to use them for?

again you say you do not want to hurt spirit,, in what way can they be harmed in the physical self........they do not have a body to hurt. Seriously though if you want to learn then come along to the chatrooms where our many helpers can help kick start your gifts. Once you have decided why you want to develop your abilities.
Catch me in chat .

Will look forward to meeting you

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