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#1 Postby beautifulmesss12sc » Sat Jan 10, 2015 3:59 am

Hello Everyone
all my life there has been one thing or another .. but over the last few years I am realizing I have spirit around me a lot .. ive seen several in human form.. never scared me ... I also feel them .. some times it feels light and airy and at other times its a very heavy uneasy feeling.. I see shadowy figures .. diff shapes some have even looked like BIG birds ive seen huge orbs? the size of a door .. I see animals .. mostly cats they just make there self at home in my house its not unusual for me so I don't pay it much attention .. I once commanded a spirit to leave because it was making me uneasy I lit candles .. prayed and my light bulb in my bathroom burst .. then my cell phone died (strangely it had been on charge) and my Christmas lights suddenly quit working .. power surge?.. maybe but I don't think so..lol .. I have a pic on my phone it looked like a blue shadowy thing in my bedroom but as u look closer u can clearly see a man .I also wake sometimes and I am talking to ppl .. one time to a man on a mountain top .. once a news caster and one I saw a man get his hand bitten off my an alligator next day I saw it on the news .. freaky but very cool!.. so im trying to figure all this out wondering why im seeing this and getting these messages as im waking in the morn usually .. not sure what to do with all this ..


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Re: hello..newbie

#2 Postby Kingfisher » Wed Jan 14, 2015 11:07 pm

hi , simple answer is your opening to spirit, what you are describing is precognition. It also sounds like you are an empath......light bulbs blowing out as you pass.

Learning to control this is simple we do have classes first steps and the empathy circle these can help you understand these things that are happening to you, but more importantly control them. Some call them gifts others call them powers, but unless you learn how to control them then these things will happen out of the blue. You can't turn it off but you can turn down the volume and you can decide when it will happen. pop into chat where others that have already travelled this path can help. We all travel our own path we are all individuals but chatting with like minded people can help. Some are further along the path that you are starting to walk and can share their experiences.

Getting the messages in the morning just as you are awakening is usually how you first become aware that you can do this, as we wake we are usually receptive to spirit, we are not concentrating on our busy day, when we are fully awake life takes over our minds are not open. But we can train our minds to be receptive all day.
I'm in chat from 6 30pm uk time Monday to Friday pop in and we can chat.

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