Can I advertise my Website or Business at Mystic Familiar?

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Can I advertise my Website or Business at Mystic Familiar?

#1 Postby Sol » Fri Aug 12, 2005 9:36 pm

If you would like to advertise and or promote your Website and or Businesses* at Mystic Familiar we can offer you this facility to you through our :arrow: Market Directory Linking & Advertising
Here at Mystic Familiar we are delighted to provide a spam and pop up advert FREE environment. We believe the lack of adverting and website spam helps to make this site a very good one. The lack of spam and small ads all over the site provides our users with a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Our Market Directory provides a specific area where our users can view your information, Please Respect This.
NB*Please read, understand and respect the rules and respect the other users of Mystic Familiar we do NOT permit the posting of Website address and or Company addresses or emails in our Chat Forum or in our Message Board Forum, this is a Banable Offence.
Please remember we do not come to your site and write our links all over it, don’t do it to us this site is NOT the free small ads section.

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