How Do I Get a Reading or Healing On Mystic Familiar?

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How Do I Get a Reading or Healing On Mystic Familiar?

#1 Postby serenemooncat » Sat Mar 06, 2010 7:30 pm

When you pay your subscription, you will be able to speak in our chat rooms to some of our wonderful site readers and healers. When you log into chat, click on room 1, "Gathering Place" this is where most of our members will meet, and it is likely where some of our readers and healers are when they first come onto the site.

You can Recognised site helpers by:

* =by their name means Site Host/Elder
~ = by their name means Site Affiliate
r~ = Site Reader
h~ = site Healer
rh~ =Site Reader and Healer

Although any chat member can give readings and healings on site with a site helper present, this will make it easier for you recognise the members who volunteer to help on the site and they can likely answer most of your questions in regards as to how to use the site and chat.

Once in chat you may speak to the helpers or any of our members and ask if any one is giving any readings or healings and take it from there.

The helpers will then go with you to one of the Assigned rooms, either 9 or 10 for readings or room 5 for healings.

Please familiarize yourself with our site chat rules as well, this will make it easier for you to acclimatize yourself in the chat room environment.

Once the Reading or healing gets started the reader or healer will let you know how they work, as each reader or healer will have their own way of doing things. Remember, nothing is set in stone, your future is not written yet, and we encourage free will in all our members.

When the reading or healing has ended, please feel free to ask the reader or healer any questions you wish in regards to what just happened, never leave with questions unasked, its better to ask right after the reading/healing so you have your spiritual worker right there to answer them for you.

Feel free also to ask any other questions regarding your own spiritual path, we have many knowledgeable people on site, helpers and members included who may be able to help you, so feel free to join in the chat and most of all, have fun!

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