Yes You are Normal Wednesday 9pm On going room 6

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Yes You are Normal Wednesday 9pm On going room 6

#1 Postby *starryhound » Mon Nov 30, 2015 11:28 pm

Yes You are Normal
With Starryhound
Wednesdays 9am UK, room 6 Insights

Everyone has psychic abilities, whether as an individual they choose to use them, is a matter of personnel choice. Many believe that psychic ability is the 6th sense, that it is just another sense that we use along with the other five that we already use. Just because you can’t see, touch or hold something does not mean that it does not or can’t exist. People often worry when they start to explore their psychic abilities that they feel others may think they are mad or losing their marbles and can often worry that they themselves are in fact losing it. People that have already opened up to their inner self, believe that this makes them the normal ones. The big questions that most have asked themselves is - were, when, how why, what? The only way anyone learns is to discuss, whatever the situation, with like minded people, this is the act of learning & developing. Everyone is always learning.
This circle is a place for like minded people to meet & talk, to air their views, opinions & feelings and discus what is happening to them, with people that won’t judge or ridicule, who will accept you just because you are YOU. No pressure no hassles, just to chat & expand yourself for you. This does have a snowball effect, as we all open & discuss, this action helps others & so in turn helps you.
There is an open discussion for beginners, novices, or even if you are a developed psychic & want to help or just view your opinions, etc. Please remember we all need friends at times & none of us would be here without their chat & support, please come if you feel this type of chat might help you!
Open to All!

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Re: Yes You are Normal Wednesday 9pm On going room 6

#2 Postby theshifter » Fri Apr 01, 2016 2:14 pm

Yes, we all have psychic abilities :roll:

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