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#1 Postby geminipath » Mon Jul 04, 2016 11:32 am

Literally, I cannot live like this anymore. for over a year with no discerning cause, therefore no actual remedy, I suffer about 5-6 weeks at a time with inconsistent forms of rashes over the majority of my body. If lucky I get a 4 or 5 day reprieve then the itching starts and again the rash. SINCE APRIL 2015. And it has gotten progressively worse. Dermatology found a large qty of allergens, sent me to allergist who laughed at me and said to avoid things on list (I have)and it was merely eczema. They have done nothing to attempt to improve physical rash, which is ugly. I have feeling someone is doing this to me. I don't know. It is so painful and disruptive and causing me to become even more anxious than I already am. The itching wakes me at night, keeping me from sleep. None of the itch remedy works. I woke up yesterday, and its spread all over my face. (I've never had an acne issue so this is really distressing) I can't go on living this way with no relief in sight. Please help me.Heal me. Help me to be the mom I was a year ago. Please.

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#2 Postby X7 » Wed Jul 06, 2016 5:14 pm

Sending healing to you.
I would like to address some things to you.
First this can be related to stresses now take a good view at what this can be related to what is going on in your life that would cause you to be stressed out. The body will handle stresses in different forms one way is to break out in rashes as the high energy has to go somewhere in the body n the body will produce its own stress releases ie in the forms of rashes and bumps.
You can do a 'how important is it' and this way it puts you back in control of things in your doing the 'How Important Is It' you begin to assert your power by saying to yourself this phrase and in doing so you can 'Dial It Down' like a pain scale a doctor ask you in describing how to rate the pain. From 1 to 10 you can rate your stressful events that show up.

On the other hand NO ONE can make you or send something to you that you yourself don't want ie your comment on someone did this to you. No one can take power over you unless you give them permission too do that.

Chat is open where many come in to chat so hope to see you there. Check out classes that are given on here as well.


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