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Elder Psychic Chat Room Familiar
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#1 Postby *starryhound » Tue Mar 31, 2015 10:07 pm

Take a, long slow deep breathe and release it slowly letting all the stress of life flow out on the spent breath, take another 1 and this time let all the strains of life flow out , finally take a third 1, and as u inhale let peace and calm flow into you,
No in your mind’s eye visualised, you laid on a carpet of leaves, you have your eyes shut, and as you open your eyes, your aware of the running of water, over to your left, you can feel the heat of the sun upon you,, the warm helps to relax you even further, so you get to a point where you more relaxed chilled than you have ever been you slowly get up and walk towards the sound of water, as you so you take in all the smells of summer the leaves, in the trees, the smell of wild flowers and you hear the birds singing in the trees, as you approach the river, it’s the cleanest clearest water you have ever seen, and the sight and smell of it, draw you, to remove your socks and shoes, site down on the warm grass, and paddle your feet in the water, as you do so, you almost feel connected to earth through the water , as you do so, this brings you to a more calmer, place than you have ever been , and all the stress strains and hurts of life, flow out of your feet, and are carried away to be neutralised,
You take 3 long slow deep breathes, and come back to the point you were at before you started this exercise

Psychic Chat Room Familiar
Psychic Chat Room Familiar
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Re: Benji

#2 Postby CelticRose » Tue May 12, 2015 11:58 am

An excellent visualization there. Good writing though! :)

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