Introduction to Meditation

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Introduction to Meditation

#1 Postby Filgrave » Sat Nov 09, 2013 9:55 pm

Wednesday 20 November 2013
Wednesday 27 November 2013

Room: to be decided
Start time: 7 pm (1900 hrs) UK
Finish time: 8.30 pm (20.30 hrs) UK

(Closed Circle) An introduction to Meditation

In chat on Site here we often get folks pose a variety of questions concerning Meditation
and from this questioning it appears to me that a lot of them seem to have false
expectations of what Meditation "is about" or what they' can achieve' from it......along
with a whole mini-bus load of folks who testify that they don't have the time, the space
or any idea of how to meditate "properly".............
so I've been prompted to run this simple 2 week 'taster'

The general intent is;
through chat to dispel the myths and ritualism oft associated with meditation
then within our group of willing like minded others discuss our expectations before moveing on
to explore by practise simple 'quietening the mind' exercises and thereafter relate and discuss our experiences
To join and enjoy this Circle you will need to commit to turn up on time and engage in 90 minutes
of focused Circle work for the planned two consecutive Wednesday nights.

I don't do 1 on 1 Mentoring so we need at least 3 others to participate in order for
this Circle to operate

This will be a 'Closed' (entry to room by password only) workshop run in accordance with traditional Circle ettiquette ...
so if you want to participate please post your interest below and catch me in general chat

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