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Links Policy Change

#1 Postby Sol » Wed Jan 16, 2013 9:09 pm

[b]Links Policy Change[/b]

A little update on chat and forum procedure, our members can share links in chat and the forum which maybe helpful to other members. When you sharer a link please be respectful to Mystic Familiar, please do not post links to sites that are in direct competition or have a conflict of interest with Mystic Familiar,

[b]Please do not -[/b]
Do not solicit our members.
Do not advertise.
Readings should only be offered in our reading rooms do not offer readings elsewhere paid or otherwise.

Please bear in mind that Mystic Familiar has a shop to try to help support it and Mystic Familiar is Not a large company it does not make money from paid readings it offers a very economical alternative to these expensive sites please bear this in mind when you think about posting links. Mystic Familiar does the best it can on very meager resources, please support Mystic Familiar.

[b]There is NO change to Personal information, please keep your personal details private. [/b]

Please do not seek our members personal contact details Mystic Familiar runs a safe surfing policy, if no one knows who you are in the real world you are safe, your compliance with this also helps to protect our more vulnerable members. If you enjoy chatting to other members you meet on site then please do just that, no one has any need to seek your private details so don’t give them out.


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