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Indigo Children and Crystal Children

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Indigo Children and Crystal Children, Indigo Adult's, Indigo Child, Crystal Child

Spiritual Wellbeing

Indigo Children and Crystal Children

Circle 3 (12-1-04)

The topic for the circle today is Indigo and Crystal Children. These Indigo and Crystal Children, it is said, are those born over the last 25 years and who appear to have enhanced intuition. I shall speak of the traits and characteristic of the indigo child and if you feel your child is an Indigo child or Crystal child, there are way’s in which to treat these children in order to understand them more fully.

I would also like to add, that there are older Indigo’s or Indigo adult's, who were born in the 60’s. The indigo adult was sent ahead, many to give birth to the Indigo’s and who would be able to understand and nurture the children’s psychic ability. These children have been sent to make a difference to both mankind and nature.

I shall begin with the traits and characteristic of the Indigo Child. The Indigo Child comes into the world with a feeling of royalty (and they often act like it too!). Self worth is not a big issue with these children and they will tell their parents who they are. These children have difficulty in handling authority without explanation or choice and find issues with queuing or waiting in line. They get frustrated with systems that are ritual-orientated and that do not require thought. They often see a better way of doing things, both at home and at school which makes them seem like system busters!

These children can often be incorrectly diagnosed as having what is know as ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. They have excessive amounts of energy and get bored easily and they are also very sensitive to people and their surroundings. They also tend to have their own way of reading and doing maths and they also become frustrated because they have big ideas but lack resources or assistance in carrying these ideas out.

Some of us older ones can relate to this also and as I said earlier there are many older Indigos that were sent in advance of the younger children, in order to be able to help and understand these Indigo children. Many of the older indigos often end up teaching, or they bear or adopt children who are Indigos. These children thrive in the presence of emotionally stable adults who have had difficult childhoods but have come through it all.

These children need to be treated with respect. Honour their existence in the family and helps them create their own disciplinary solutions. They should also be given the freedom of choice and be taught also how to make choices wisely. Never belittle these sensitive souls and always explain why you give them instructions. Listen to your explanations because if you just say to them “because I said so” they will not obey. Treat them as your friend and make them your partner in raising them. As infants explain as much as possible to them what you are doing as they like to be involved and also because they are very perceptive as well as being sensitive. Try to avoid any kind of negative criticism with these children as they take this very much to heart and this can affect them for years into their adulthood.

Finally, these children know already what there life path is and many will become healers, spiritualists and politicians.

We come next to the Crystal Child

The Crystal Child are those born from the year 1995 and later and they have the most beautiful big eyes. They appear angelic in looks and their eyes appear to see right through you. These children, like the Indigos are here to save the world and they know just how to do it. These children are happy, delightful and forgiving. Also like the Indigos they are highly sensitive and psychic and they have important life purposes. The main difference from the Indigos is their temperament. While the Indigo child have a warrior spirit and the Crystal child is blissful and even tempered. They do have tantrums occasionally, but these children and largely forgiving and easy going.

The term Indigo child and Crystal child were given to these children because it most accurately describes their aura colours and energy patterns. While Indigos have a lot of indigo blue in the auras (which is the third eye chakra colour), the Crystals have beautiful, multicoloured, opalescent auras, in pastel hues like a quartz crystal’s prism effect. This generation of children will also harbour a fascination for crystals and rocks. The Crystals also have magnetic personalities, they can start talking late in childhood, are very musically orientated and may sing before they talk. They also use telepathy and self-invented sign language to communicate. They are also very connected to nature and animals and they will discuss their past lives and will see Angels, Spirit and Guides. They are extremely artistic and creative and they prefer vegetarian food and juices to regular food. They will be fearless explorers and climbers with an amazing sense of balance.

Crystal Children’s innate gifts are often misunderstood-specifically, their telepathic abilities, which often cause them to start talking late. This may be treated as the child having a learning difficulty when indeed this is not the case and may be misdiagnosed as autistic, just as their Indigo predecessors. Many parents who have borne these Crystal Children may have seen their child before birth as the child often communicates to them that they are coming via dream state or another method.

The Crystal Children also have an authoritative air about them, as if they’re wise adults in little bodies. They know instinctively what they want and need and they like to make their own routines and tend to stick with them.

It is said that these children can also move objects with their mind and it has been reported so. They have great insight into the future too and will often warn of oncoming danger.

We now have a board on the site for Crystal and Indigo Children, so please feel free to go along, ask any questions and read the posts about these wonderful children.

Spiritual Wellbeing ~ Indigo Children and Crystal Children

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