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Healing Questions and Answers, need a question answered, or made a discovery related to healing or spiritual development you may wish to share
Healing Circle
Healing Questions and Answers, need a question answered, or made a discovery related to healing or spiritual development you may wish to share

Healing - Questions and Answers for Healing
Session 7 (23-09-03)

I see our spiritual development as a climb up a spiral mountain and ideally we travel it with one hand stretched out in front of us to grasp the hand offered by the person climbing ahead of us, and one hand stretched behind to grasp the hand to the person below who is also struggling to climb the mountain.

We do not all climb the same path and some will climb slower and some faster, some are stronger more experienced climbers who have been through many lives, while others are weary from the struggle and find the chosen path difficult and need to climb at a more slower more cautious pace.

I believe that we have come together in this place at this time to help each other along on our paths.

Knowing that there are others here sharing the same interests and also on their own spiritual quest is very comforting. Realizing that we are here with a common purpose affords us a special opportunity to express our ideas or concerns.

I am thinking that tonight we should open the circle to any topic that you wish to discuss, or to any questions or concerns you may have in mind.

You may be going through a particular phase of development that you would like to discuss. Need a question answered, or has made a discovery related to healing or spiritual development you may wish to share. Perhaps a different perspective you may wish to express.

The circle is open to all of these tonight. So please feel free ......

M: How you deal with intense emotional pain?
M: I’ve been their maybe I can help, as I am still healing

G: There are several comforting things to know about the pain; one is that it slowly passes as one adjusts. And will you yell at me if I say pain makes one stronger? At least that is what I am being told.
M: I would agree with that.
G: In my experience emotional pain seems to fade a little each day.

M: I’ve found that you move forward a little, and then go back a bit sometimes; it’s an ongoing process
M: Yes, pain makes you stronger
G: It is very unfortunate that we have to experience pain but that seems to be a tool through which we learn.
M: May I make a point please? The pain does not exist it how we react to a situation, based on expectations
G: I see, yes you are right.
M: What you say is true, but to take it further, the symptom of that is physical
G: It is a choice that we make to feel this.
M: A lot of pain from relationship break up etc. is based on ego.
M: Life is about choices.
M: Yes, fragile ego at the moment.
M: Ultimately if we are responsible in our actions we can only blame ourselves.

G: It is physical, emotional and spiritual
M: If you know what I mean
G: I know exactly what you mean and you are right.
M: Yes I do blame myself that is part of the pain.
M: So guilt plays a part also?
M: Yes
M: What do you blame yourself for? Guilt is based upon other people’s preconceptions.
G: But then the other party has to take a bit of the responsibility
M: She does.

M: You know this really is a healing room, it’s helping me
G : It is like blaming a woman for becoming pregnant, the man didn't have anything to do with it, lol
M: That’s just silliness.
M: cause and effect

M: You, well you know, and baby’s happen
G: Yes it is cause and effect. But both parties made the baby
M: Yea

G: so in terms of relationship we are each responsible in how we choose to feel, but it is not just black and white
M: Thought stork delivered them.
M: oi, there’s a nun in here! lol!
G: The relationship takes two people.

M: Relationships...are great if you act responsible
G: I am sure the Nun knows how babies happen, lol
M: And if your there for the right reasons
G: Yes but we are not all responsible, and pain happens
M: Immaculate Conception....?
G: You tell me Sister you are the Nun
M: You see.... we are only reflections of ourselves

M: That’s how my daughter was born of course!
G: And we reflect each other as well
M: No
M: What? You laid an egg?
M: We can do if we want.
G: Yes how else could it be sister lol
M: he he!
G: The very sad part of emotional pain would be if we did not learn from it and it was wasted

M: A lesson then, for both parties involved

M: With every tear we shed, a lesson is learned
M: Hopefully
G: I think we must make a strong effort not to shut down and become bitter, because this would prevent us from experiencing love again.
M: even when u yawn? Wow
M: hehe
M: I hear you; I’ve got lots to give away.
M: Yeah, lesson: get to bed earlier
M: Nice one.

G: And you are able to receive allot of love also.
M: Dreams and myths are constellations of archetypal images. They are not free compositions by an artist who plans them for artistic or informational effects. Dreams and myths happen to human beings.
M: The archetype speaks through us. It is a presence and a possibility of "significance." The ancients called them "gods" and "goddesses."
G: Thank you.
G: has anyone else been having a difficult week? Or life?
M: yeah, but it’s cool. No Giving up. Got to keep trucking.
M: Got a few days??
G: Giving up is a very sad place to be also.

M: Isn’t game to say its all good here
G: I have met a few who have given up and it is not a pretty picture
M: Is it possible to receive or give too much spiritual healing?
G: Only if it is not wanted.
M: exactly
M: Its a sad sight ...repressed spirits!
G: yes very true
G: To much spiritual healing would be very hard on the healer as well it requires allot of energy
M: When a person is sending out healing, either distance or hands on, what kind of feeling does the healer experience?
G: when a healer allows healing energy to flow through themselves it tend to leave a residue of energy, and it also washes away any negativity
M: when u channel healing you heal yourself too.
G: also healing energy feels very uplifting and energizing
M: Yes, I feel like that on receiving end
G: And at the time the healer feels a lot of love flowing through them.

M: Just wondering, if I do contribute in our previous classes sending out healing energy
G: You can be sure of that Sister, have you heard the expression energy follows intent?

M: Whenever I've had healing hands on I feel drained, why?
G: I have not heard of a person feeling drained after healing. If one is not receiving energy during a healing then there is a big problem because it means that the person doing the healing is using personal energy rather than universal energy. This means that the person is draining himself or herself as well.

M: Can I just for a minute go back to emotional pain please? The pain I gather is the loss of a loved one…
M: I don’t feel true unconditional love is " guilt....pain...& any other negative energy
G: Well I think it is a breakup; it is more a matter of someone not wanting another's love, unconditional or otherwise

M: I thought when giving healing also receive energy ..............
G: that is the way it is with me.
M: When doing healing it is important to channel universal energy rather than personal energy
G: using personal energy leave one depleted and open to illness. I learned this the hard way.
M: If I receive distance healing, I feel great, but I've had hands on once or twice at church, and my situation worsened
M: I got bad eczema on hands, and after hands on healing they had terrible breakout
G: This can happen if the person giving the healing does not know that they are using their own energy. Also the healer may have unknowingly drained your energy, by not using universal energy and being low on personal energy.

M: Distance works a treat!
M: Sometimes healing accelerates the healing process, got to get bad before it gets better

M: You should see them sometimes, it’s embarrassing
M: accelerates the badness, so that u open to healing process sooner
M: looks like I got lurgie!
M: You know we touched on aura and colour the other night. Well this is a bit different,
Orange to salmon pink glow in hands? Not around them, in. What does it actually mean? Like glowing light. Could see it clearly.
G: That is the colour of the vibrational frequency. We all have different colours mixing and flowing within our auras, each colour vibrates at a different rate. We can also direct certain specific colours when healing
M: Colour is caused by the amount of vibration an object is able to absorb, red being the lowest frequency.

M: I’ve never seen the colours in the body though...has anyone else?
G: this is why some of us are called rainbow warriors as in the Native American prophecy
M: Or did I read that wrong?
M: You read right, still trying to work it out myself
G: One reason being because we use all the colours of the rainbow in healing
G: Most likely that was the colours in your hand chakra's at that time

M: As said, all colours are shifting constantly in your aura, within and direct energy, a shaman would shift certain colours to certain areas of the body for certain gifts.
M: The trick is to remember exactly the movements u made in yr body before u saw this
M: I feel I am being made ready for something, getting stronger as days pass.
M: Yes feel the same.
M: Not just me
G: Then most likely you are, it is important to pay attention to what your intuition tells you
G: It is not just you many are, at this time.
M: If u can reproduce the movements and feeling at the mo, you'll probably see it again
G: Something you should realize is that healing is not just about directing the flowing universal energies
M: This is why martial arts are spiritual.
M: Way of the warrior
M: Is this the vibrating to higher frequencies ...your talking about?
M: Never really thought of myself as a healer though.
G: To be a healer means to be open to the subtle energies around one and to learn how to interpret these energies.
M: All I saw was a first aid kit in your hand when I meet you. You are definitely a healer.

G: I would agree. You are on the path of a Spiritual Healer.
M: How do you prevent the ...not relating to lots of people.when this happens?
M: It is only since I started to study Reiki that I realized I was healing others and have been doing so for a long time.
M: Aye Reiki is good; you find a structure, even if you have to tweak it to your liking.
G: Not relating, to me means not resonating
M: I feel like I pull away from some people, like I want to "hide" if that makes sense in my own world
G: When not resonating it means you are not in harmony with them, and this is for a reason

M: I feel at home’s my world here
G: This is VERY common among healers the reason being healers are usually empathic to various degrees

G: And "dealing" with all the changing frequencies around can be very emotionally exhausting
M: The part I have trouble with is...if I’m evolving like I should why can’t I be more tolerant of others
G: This will come be patient with yourself.
M: Have to tolerate yourself first.
G: also those on a healing path are usually going through their own spiritual growth and lessons
M: as within, so without
M: I tolerate myself, I like my own company it’s some people I can’t be around.

G: Some healers tend to fall within the cracks of society also, to be more or less invisible which is necessary when you are constantly being bombarded with all the energies around (feelings of others)

M: So maybe the new level I’m at is still adjusting & till that happens & I feel the calm ...I will be like this?
G: You will feel differently as the energies around you change and as your own change
M: I love you guys; you’ve been the best. Everyone’s been a brick, thank you.
G: We all care.

M: I allow things to wash over me that are not relevant.
M: Yeah I have been known to be as thick as one.
G: Something else to keep in mind is that the phases of the moon affect how we feel also.
M: So many take into account, no wonder I am nuts. lol

M: this is the only chat room in four yrs including two of my own that has such genuine and caring people.
G: I think we have each been guided to this room to work together
M: I agree with that.
M: like attracts like
G: and part of that is support.
M: I said to dragon weeks ago I felt drawn. Pulled even.
M: At least you guys don’t put those funny jackets on my in padded rooms.

G: Any more insights to share, or questions to ask?
M: Mine been answered so far
G: Great to hear.
M: ty not at the moment
M: So many of mine have been answered thanks.
G: great I am glad
M: All answered thanks
M: You’ve given me plenty ty
G: OK why don't we focus some healing energy on Sister hands. Does anyone else need healing?

M: Red could do with a boost.
M: my Mam, Miriam and Angela please.

G: OK we will visualize ourselves being in a circle of light

G: Hands and hearts joined and allow our energies to flow within the circle while drawing in white divine light energy.
G: Visualize this light coming in through your crown chakra and flowing out through your solar chakra, into the circle.
G: Visualize the following people standing safely in the centre: Allen, Cindy, Eva, Jean, Jessie, Joyce, Judith, Kevin, Miriam, Norma, Ruth, Stuart, Sue, Tom, Paul, Marie, Sister, Red, Gerry Patsy, Heather, Joan, Jenn, Mel, Scot, Dragon.

G: Now feel the energy building and flowing over and within them.
G: We see each one of them leaving the circle healing and glowing in a beautiful cloud of sparkling white light.
G: As the last one leaves we close the circle and bring any stray energy back to us, and send it to the person directly in front you.
G: With that we will close the circle........

G: Wishing each of you love light and peace profound, I hope you are all feeling energized.

Healing Questions and Answers, need a question answered, or made a discovery related to healing or spiritual development you may wish to share

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