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Mirror Protection Technique


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Healing Circle - Cleansing Your Chakras – How to Cleans Chakras

Mirror Protection Technique

Here is an excellent energy exercise to protect yourself, loved ones, and material possessions from unwanted energy intrusions. Below, you'll find what is known as "The Mirror Protection Technique", and variations of it have been practiced for thousands of years. This version was written by an HPS friend of mine, and appears here by her permission.

But before you read the technique there are some important things I'd like to share about energy protection. There are different types of energy protection, and most of what is currently offered - like the lesser banishing ritual (LBR) and white light ritual (WLR)- are only as effective as the person using it. But at its most basic, the LBR and WLR are more placebo effect than a sure fire way to banish unwanted energy. This means that you may be trying to
stop a bullet with a paper plate shield. If the bullet is made from a wad of paper and delivered by a rubber band sling, then the paper plate will probably stop it. But if the bullet is a hollow point fired from an assault rifle ... that paper plate shield is no shield at all.

All banishing rituals work through the power of the mind, and so almost any protection technique will work if nothing serious is going on. If something serious is going on, the LBR and WLR would not be the preferred method to handle the situation. The pentagram symbol, which the LBR liberally mimics, is not an automatic shape that either banishes or invokes energies. Its use as a magick tool has been heavily promoted, and usually in ways that are more man-made than from ancient knowledge.

The purpose of finding a protection technique that works is important; more to keep your space clean than to clean it out. It's a good practice to get into no matter what energy you're involved in, whether magick, astral travel, engaging in prayer or ritual, or work. With practice, you build up your own energy field into a force field, if you start with a clean space, and then build a force field around that space, very little can penetrate it to hassle you.

But there are times when a personal space isn't clean, and unwanted, negative, and intrusive energy can invade your space and cause trouble. The rarest intrusions come from unsavoury thought forms, which most people will never encounter. Most intrusions come from everyday stress factors that mess with your energy and cause an imbalance in your own energy. Most people don't know how to keep a balanced energy in the face of what life throws at them, and this leaves a person vulnerable to whatever their mental state creates. Generally, only the most knowledgeable can tell whether an energy intrusion is a purposefully sent thought form or your own life and space out of balance.

To the person on the receiving end, being out of balance and unprotected can feel like you are under psychic attack - or even that a curse has been placed on you. There's more bad luck than good luck, depression can be present, nothing seems to be going right, you're ill, and even your dreams can be filled with nightmarish things that attack you and leave you exhausted. This is only made worse when ignorant game-playing people start giving advice and convince you that you are under attack from some great Evil that you must battle - which is nowhere near what's going on. The ignorance factor gives a lot of unethical people a seeming license to screw with your head and your life, when what you really need is to gather your own power, clean your space, and build that personal energy field.

The reason why the Mirror Protection technique works so well is that it is easy for the mind to grasp, doesn't require a physical set-up, and doesn't get energy from any religion or belief system. You are in control, which is exactly what you need to be to get back in balance. On top of that, the mirror can be used at a deeper level to contact and move through the many dimensions of the astral. So even if you don't intentionally know that your protection reaches that wide and deep - it does automatically. This means that no matter what the source of intrusive energy – even rampaging thought forms - the Mirror Technique can deal with it.

Another reason why this particular Mirror Technique works is because it creates an all-encompassing energy sphere around you. You can then extend this protective sphere around your property, car, etc. What does a mirror do? It reflects whatever is in its field. It can reflect your image; it can reflect the light of the sun. But it can also re-direct energy away from its surface, such as beams of light or energy. If you put mirrors all around you facing out, you program the mirrors to reflect back whatever negative energy tries to get past the mirrors to you. It's all about the proper programming of the mirrors. These protection mirrors are usually created from your own thought energy - making them energy forms that are an extension of you. But some people like to use real mirrors to kick off the technique, which can add to the imagery. The choice is yours.

As with any energy use, morals and ethics should be used. Only use the Mirror Protection Technique to protect and never to attack. Banishing intrusive energy is not the same as attempting to destroy or enslave it. Those who seek to use mirror energy to harm or control another will soon find themselves embroiled in a nightmare of their own making. This is because mirror energy passes through an astral zone where Astral Guardians reside. Should someone try to send an attack thought form via Mirror Magick, the aberrant energy is immediately noticed and dealt with. Astral Guardians would see this attack energy, meant for a designated target, to be an attack upon them and their space. I assure you that these Astral Guardians will defend their space and follow the intrusion back to the source - the ignorant practitioner who tried to harm another using Mirror Magick.

An important thing to remember is that an energy intrusion can only happen when you leave yourself unprotected. You then become an easy target - a soft target. Once you get your energy field up and running, you become a hard target. If you're dealing with an actual psychic attack brought on by a thought form, presenting a hard target sends out the message - "You can not breach my defences so you can not harm me." And that will be true. Lastly, no energy field can protect you from your own stupidity or lack of common sense. Example: If you are using the force field to protect your home, it doesn't mean that you can leave your door unlocked.

This is a simple method of grounding and balancing, which can be developed into a strong protection.

Breathe in deeply, and release all tension as you exhale. Do this a few times, allowing yourself to relax as you do.

If you feel tense, at this time do a full relaxation. To do this, start at the top of the head, consciously relax it, then move down to your eyebrows, eyes, etc,
and at each point totally relax the area. Continue down through the throat, the lungs, heart, arms, hands, torso, abdomen, legs, feet, etc.

When you feel relaxed begin to breathe any tension, etc down into the earth. As you breathe in, bring up the earth energy from deep in the centre of the earth - fiery energy. Let this energy come to rest in your heart centre

Next breathe up to the sky, and as you breathe in, bring down sky energy (sun, star, cosmic, or sky) and let that fill your heart centre, mingling with the earth energy.

Let both of these energies mingle and then fill your entire body. Take your time, when your body is filled with light and energy let it expand beyond the
boundaries of your physical body, and let the light and energy fill your aura - about 6-8" ovoid sphere surrounding your body.

The next step is to harden the edges of your light filled sphere shaped aura, like an egg shell, with the intention that it will act as a protective screen, filtering out any negative energy that comes toward you, but letting in any positive energy.

If you have an extreme situation, with a need for further protection, mentally place mirrors on the outside of your protective screen, around your aura. These mirrors face outwards, and reflect anything negative or harmful back into the universe, where it will dissipate harmlessly. The mirrors are programmed to allow positive energy in.

A further step can be done, with caution. You can program the mirrors to send any negative energy back to its source. This needs to be done with great caution as sending back the energy can harm the sender.

Mirrors can also be placed around your home, your car, and those you care about.


Healing Circle - Protection - Mirror Protection Technique


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